Saturday, September 12, 2009

Second Painting For Sale

The second painting for sale is a 63 cm x 46cm done in Okt 2005 by Cikgu Mazeri Othman. The proceed from this sale will go for the surgery of 16 year old Adik Mohd Izzat Othman who will be having an operation for his heart condition at IJN KL. So this indeed is a good cause.
You can read the story of Mohd Izzat at Cikgu Mazeri's blog Exploring & Relaxing The Countryside.The reserved price for the bidding is RM800.For those who want to bid as anonymous, please submit your bid via email to . Your name will not be shown on this blog but the bid if it is the highest will be shown as the highest bid under anonymous.
So folks, let us start the bidding by offering to buy the painting called Orkid, by putting your bid in the comment column or email it to the above email address.
The last bidding day will be 26th September 2009 at 12.00 Noon.
Pak Zawi

Thursday, August 27, 2009


With the first shot in the arm through the sale of the first painting to Puteri Kamaliah the fund has received RM600 as the maiden contribution. The painting sold was entitled Buah Seto Tok Ma (Grandma's Mangoesteen) which was a gift from Cikgu Mazeri Othman @ Deen. From this sale we have managed to buy some materials for Cikgu Mazeri to paint new work for sale later to add more money to the fund. Cikgu Mazeri also bought some provisions to such as sugar and a few other items to give to the needy in Kampung Tok Sangkut, Pasir Mas.
From the balance and together with a zakat contribution of RM150.00 we opened up a joint bank accound under the name of Mohamad Zawawi Ahmad/Mazeri Othman to keep the money as well as to receive new donations. With this account we hope for generous donors to contribute any loose change that they have via online transfer. It is that convenient.
The bank account no: 1 -03057-0005364-7 RHB Bank, Pasir Mas, Kelantan.
We know many of you out there would like to donate but not by buying paintings as you may not like paintings or the amount involved to buy one of those that we put on sale maybe beyond you. So with this account you can just contribute any amount however small. Should you contribute and want us to acknowledge receipt, please email us with details of your transfer number. We could also publish your name in here as a token of our appreciation for your contribution.
The following is a summary of the monies received and how it was spent so far. This figure is true as of yesterday evening.
Dr Cr Bal
Sale of first painting 600 600
Zakat contribution 150 750
Purchase of art materials 265 485
Purchase of sugar n rice for 3 needy fams 50 435
Zakat contribution to Puan Maznah 150 285
Bank charges 10 275
Cost to courier painting 16.50 258.50

Cash in bank RM155
Cash in hand RM103.50
Total RM258.50

Further details will be published should it be requested because we would like to be transparent with what we do with the money collected. Such details can be published monthly.
With this bank account we hope to get more contributors to donate. No amount is too small for Tok Sangkut Benevolent Fund.

Friday, July 24, 2009

First Painting For Sale - Updated


Chegu Mazeri Othman @ Deen has decided to sell the painting to Puteri Kamaliah. Thus further bidding for this painting is now considered closed.
This is the first sale of any painting by Deen.

Current Highest Bid: RM600 (Puteri Kamaliah)

Title: Buah Seto Tok Ma (Grandma's Mangosteen)
Date completed: Jan 2009
Size: 28" x 24" (71cm x 62cm)
Medium: Oil Painting
Reserved Price: RM500.00
Last bidding day: Closed
The painting can be viewed at Che Gu Mazeri's House in Pasir Mas. He is also known as Deen. Call him on 0199214717 for an appointment should you want to view the painting.

This is the first painting donated by Chegu Mazeri Othman of Kampong Tok Sangkut. The proceed from this sale will go towards the purchase of materials for new paintings to be done by Chegu Mazeri. The new paintings made from materials bought from this initial sale will be auctioned off at this blog to generate a contant source of income for this fund.
Tok Sangkut Benevolent Fund is being established with the sole purpose of helping the school children around the village of Tok Sangkut and the immediate areas around it. The details of the administration and purpose of the fund will be spelt out in this blog as soon as they are available.
To kick off the fund, we are offering for sale to the highest bidder the above oil painting on canvas by Chegu Mazeri Othman. Biddings can be made openly in the comment column by stating the amount you want to bid which should be equal to or more than the reserve price. For those who want to bid in privacy, you can email your bid to this address: by stating:
1. Your bid amount,
2. Your name and address in full,
3. Contact number or email.
The bidding will be opened for a month and at the end of the bid period, the person with the highest bid will be offered to purchase the painting. The current highest bid will be displayed at the bottom of the painting. The painting will be delivered to the successful bidder after payment is effected via bank transfer to this Maybank account: 003042113389 Under the name of Mohamad Zawawi Ahmad. This is a temporary account and a special account will be opened up after the sale of this first painting.
Should the highest bidder fail to effect payment after the stipulated period of time, the painting will be offered to the next highest bidder.
The status of the fund will be updated regularly and its balance will be published here regularly together with the names of the beneficiaries and the amount received by them.
As for the moment the bidding is only open to residents of Malaysia due to problem of postage and packing cost. However if the price is reasonable, or the overseas bidder is willing to undertake the cost of postage and packing, the delivery can also be made to overseas bidder.
Any enquiries can be made to Chegu Mazeri at the above contact number or you can visit his blogsite or to Mohamad Zawawi Ahmad at 0199125647 email